Saturday, January 3, 2009

three evils.

these pieces of art i did recently were inspired by the "fight against aids" campaign starring various celebrities. i chose to draw avril lavigne because her photos were amazing and beautiful. my scanner really isn't good and so you can't see the full effect of them all. but you get the jist of it. i fully support this campaign and believe they can make a difference in fighting against aids. already they have made over a few million dollars.

Friday, January 2, 2009

it's like i'm floating in the ocean.

i am so excited for this new year. i feel fully alive and motivated. i can't wait for it to get going. i feel weightless and beautiful like nothing can stop me. and nothing will. i am too happy about where i am that i know that trying to bring me down will only make me stronger. being in love only helps the situation too. ;)

let it flow

these beautiful pieces of art are done by chris ortega. i found all of his work on but i am sure you can find them on other websites too. i love the colors and passion he uses. i also like how each picture has a story behind it or a point.