Saturday, January 10, 2009

i scream for you.

i love this artist/ photographer. her name is lara and i adore looking at her work. it has such emotion and great angles. everyone needs to look at her page on :

Thursday, January 8, 2009

natural warrior.

this mystical group of photos are by the talented julia davis. she has a beautiful gallery on . i found her work this morning and i adore it all. she has a very good sense of color and what would look good. she is very creative and i feel so happy looking through all her photos.
you know, deviantart has so many talented artists on it, i just get so jealous. :)
i wish i was good enough to make my own on there and show my art. but if you placed my art next to all the amazing and beautiful artists that are on there, i would probably get laughed at. :)
ah well, i can speak my mind on here so i am ok.
oh and by the way, here is the exact link to julia's website on deviantart. please check it out. it won't be a let down!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i feel like i could jump and fly.

i am so proud of myself.

in my ap art class i went to go show my teacher my new art and journal pages that i had been working on over xmas break. she told me that i was such an inspiration and she wanted to make copies of everything to show art classes in the years to come.

not only that, but she gave me a lot of extra credit. after she had entered in the scores, she told me that my grade was the highest anyone has ever scored in any of her art classes she has ever taught. she has been teaching for a long time.

i am so happy! by the way, my grade was 124.6 percent. i could not be happier...

actually, if i had that certain someone i love holding me right now, it would be perfect. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

i can conquer.

school starts again today after a long 16 day break! now i know that a lot of people got longer than that (my friend sam got til the beginning of december til the 25th of january!) but 16 days is too long for me to be away from the world and friends. that whole two and a half weeks i only saw one friend. i was so depressed. all i had to do was draw draw draw and go onto facebook.
but now that school starts up again today in about oh, an hour and a half, i am much more happy and feel more alive. i can't wait to see my friends again and see how they are doing.
i have done so much art over the past couple of weeks during the break. i really hope my ap art teacher likes all of it. i have been trying some new experiments with colors and pictures. it has been a lot of fun. even if all of the pieces i have done recently aren't liked by my teacher and other students, i am still proud of myself for going outside my box. as jennifer anniston once said:
"everything we want in the world is just outside our comfort zones."
how true is that? when we stay in the safe grounded area we think nothing can hurt us. but then we realize that we can't have anything we truely desire because we are afraid of change.
i am so glad that i overcame that problem. i feel like i have so much to offer the world, i just have to be brave enough to show it and let it out and free.