Sunday, June 28, 2009

pure vanity.

i hate not breathing.

um, i have some bad news.
i will be gone for awhile.
i am not sure how long exactly.
i am going to live with my father for a little bit.
me mum is not well and my family believes it will be better if i left for some time.
it is a terribly long story.
my father does not have a computer but is hoping to get one soon.
i am nervous everyone.
if you have read my earlier posts some time ago, you would remember that me and my father don't really get along.
plus his girlfriend will be there.
please pray to god or however you hope for good things that i can do this.
i believe in myself but can not help but be a little frightened.
i will be able to visit me mum's every now and then to get on the computer, but i am not sure how much.
i will update when i can.
but thank you all so much.
i adore all you lovely people.
wish me luck.