Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's an urban life for me.

urban outfitters.
my favorite store in the entire world, besides pike place market but that isn't just one store. it is 100's. haha
this store tho, is my style to a T.
i love it!
i found all these styles on their facebook page:
please check it out. they are sooo amazing!

the view goes on forever.

so i found my dream room.
it is absolutely fun and magical in my opinion. i love the tall ceiling and wood work.
i have always wanted a bed that sat on the ground instead of raised too. they are so fun. plus you can't fall out of them. ;)
i love the fabrics used, it is just so calming to me. i love bold statements and i adore the one this is setting:
"i have no fear and don't give sh** what anyone thinks."
yeah that's what i think when i see this room.
i found this picture just on google images when i typed in "cool bedrooms"
haha peace out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

mrs. burton

one of my favorite actresses of all time would definately have to be helena bonham carter. she was born in 1966 and still looks young. she has been in every tim burton film since 2001 whether the part is significant or not such as:
planet of the apes
big fish
charlie and the chocolate factory
the corpse bride
sweeney todd
and the upcoming terminator movie coming out this year.
she has been in a lot of movies not directed by her partner, tim burton, including one of my absolute favorite movies. having her in it only completes it. the movie i am talking about is:
fight club
this movie is amazing and helena makes it superb.
i don't think she has ever been in a movie where she plays a "normal" person. but that's why i love her so much. :)
she has won awards in the past and been nominated for many others.
she has two children with tim burton named billy ray and nell.
if i could be in a movie with any actress, i would pick helena. the movie would sure to be incredible with her in it.
did you know that johnny depp is her children's godfather? tim burton persuaded helena to ask him after they had had their kids.
well, that is just a snippet of the talented actress helena bonham carter. anybody who doesn't like her must answer to me.
i got a little bit of this information from the following link: