Thursday, February 12, 2009

the romantic

one of my all time adored fashion designers is none other than vera wang. i believe there is not one fashion lover out in this world that has never heard of her. when a woman is about to get married, i highly doubt a vera wang wedding dress has not been on their wish lists whether they could afford it or not. vera is one of the most romantic designers of all time in my opinion. i think she invented modern romance. here are a few of my favorite ads and pictures from her dresses, ready-to-wear, and perfume.
i think that vera captures innocence among flowers with deep dark hues that wrap you in a silky dream.

the dress on the left was worn by anjelina jolie in a previous vogue magazine.

this is one of my most treasured possesions: vera wang princess perfume. not only does it smell beautiful with the hint of flowers and vanilla, but the ads are sponsered by camilla belle, who is one of my favorites. if you are thinking of a gift you want or are trying to decide on the perfect perfume for you, pick this sweet find. it is not a disapointment.

sometimes the makeup people can create on models or actresses just amazes me. here, i adore the eyebrows.
a favorite wedding dress from wang.

this is one of my favorite ads for vera's simply vera: vera wang at kohl's. i love carousels and so when vera placed her clothing on models in a desert-y playground setting, i fell head over heels.
vera wang herself. a gorgeous woman of vision.
my favorite perfume ad from wang ever. such passion and love.

another simply vera: vera wang from kohl's.
this one captivates me.

i got these pictures from google images. they were each from different websites but easy to find just by typing in :
vera wang
vera wang ads
vera wang perfume
vera wang perfume ads
enjoy and keep daydreaming.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

right off the streets

thanks to nylon magazine, i have found some very quirky yet fun styles on the many streets of the world from places such as melborne, paris, richmond (VA), sao paulo, and new york. street fashion is one of my most entertaining things to look at and admire. people have such imagination! here are some of my favorites that i came across tonight:
many people, i have noticed, are staying true the eighties they were born in.
i know this girl that thinks asians are the ugliest race on the planet. how wrong she is! i think asians are beautiful with no doubt in my mind. besides, i think they have some of the most original fashion statements ever.

very, very katey perry. am i wrong?

i love this girl's skirt although i have always been afraid of mickey mouse!

this one is strongly familiar to me when i think of my grandma's old couch from the 60's-70's periods.

this may sound weird, but my hell i wish i had a flatter chest!

two words: LOVE IT

those blue tights are adorable.

you can't look at this one and not smile.

i love the bottom half of this one.

one of my rocker favs.

i had to show you this one.

ali. one of my fave models. so cute.

i love these shirts!

this is one of the best of the bunch, even with the fanny pack.

very urban outfitters.

another fave.

this scarf is amazing!

Monday, February 9, 2009

ɹǝpun ǝɯ dı1ɟ

i found a new toy on the web: upside down text.


the picture came from an america's next top model photoshoot from a few seasons ago.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

just like a star

corinne bailey rae.
a beautiful and soothing voice lulls you to sleep or makes you feel like you are in a field of flowers.
with her afro hair and a calming soul, she causes the one who is listening to smile and think about the little things in life with her guitar- playing fingers and whisical music.
you should seriously check out her adorable website:
by the way, i am sorry i haven't posted in a little while. i have been so busy with my ap art class. i will try to get back on top of things.
keep daydreaming.