Monday, January 26, 2009

making evil cute

the ring is one of my favorite scary movies. horror movies are so fun to watch, i love them. when i was looking around deviantart this morning i came across all these cartoon strips making fun of samara off of the ring.

hope you enjoy them like i did. the last one was totally my idea though. i though of that one when the movie first came out. damn some people. :) i am just kidding, i know i am not the only one with good ideas. haha oh and you might have to click and enlarge some of the pictures because the writing is so small.
okay so yesterday i was so f-ing bored and i had that darn lullaby from the ring two stuck in my head (i had just watched it haha) and so i just sketched all these scenes i remember from the first and second one. my drawings is the one at the top. lol they totally suck but i was not erasing. i was just fastly sketching so yeah. lol oh man, i was in such a creepy mood. ... yeah my friends would say that's normal for me. haha


i found all these pictures on:

then i typed in the search engine:

the ring samara



Sunday, January 25, 2009

eleanor hardwick: dreamer in reality

this young girl from the uk is only fifteen years old. she loves to photograph her friends and sister and sometime seven herself. she is a pure and fresh work of art that makes other photographers bow down in her presence.
the talented young woman describes her work in her own words as:
"Sometimes my work can be dark and moody, and others it can be very light and simple. I like to play with the idea of growing up, or of awkwardness or carelessness. I don’t know if there’s really a word to describe that.I’m not really sure where this weird world of mine comes from. A lot of re-occurring concepts come from ideas of childhood, or from old discarded objects such as sixties typewriters or doors or fishing nets. Location and dresses inspire me and things around me such as music and literature can set an idea off. Lots of weird things can happen on my shoots. I’ve worked with a friend/model a couple of times who always has to have a laughing fit before she can start the shoot. Once it’s out of her system, though, she models like a dream.
Personally, I love that I’m trying to pull myself into a photographic career at such a young age, but at the same time it can be frustrating to be held back from doing what I want to because of an age limit."
i seriously believe this girl is going somewhere, really fast.
here is her website: