Monday, January 26, 2009

making evil cute

the ring is one of my favorite scary movies. horror movies are so fun to watch, i love them. when i was looking around deviantart this morning i came across all these cartoon strips making fun of samara off of the ring.

hope you enjoy them like i did. the last one was totally my idea though. i though of that one when the movie first came out. damn some people. :) i am just kidding, i know i am not the only one with good ideas. haha oh and you might have to click and enlarge some of the pictures because the writing is so small.
okay so yesterday i was so f-ing bored and i had that darn lullaby from the ring two stuck in my head (i had just watched it haha) and so i just sketched all these scenes i remember from the first and second one. my drawings is the one at the top. lol they totally suck but i was not erasing. i was just fastly sketching so yeah. lol oh man, i was in such a creepy mood. ... yeah my friends would say that's normal for me. haha


i found all these pictures on:

then i typed in the search engine:

the ring samara



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