Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it's a costume party... for the hair.

so i am getting my haircut this weekend which i have been wanting for the longest time. well i was looking online for exactly what i have been wanting and i came across this way fun hair blog that brought a smile to my face. the make-up and hair is so crazy and wild yet so much glamour and fashionista. now i don't think i am going to be getting my hair done like this however, but then again i do love to stand out. ;)
one of my favorites of the bunch.

reminds me well of queen amidala from star wars does she not?

i swear this is uma thurman.

have you ever seen "mars attacks"? this one reminds me of the alien that dresses up as a woman and then seduces martin short unintentionally. or it also reminds me of an early barbie.

i could see this one desplayed in a vogue magazine.

yeah this one is definately my favorite.

another amazing one.

so check out this person's blog:
and peace out!


Morning Glory said...

Nice pictures. I hope your hair turns out how you want it;)

alexandra jane said...

haha thanks! me too! :)