Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a few bow wow's here and a few woofs over there.

everyone, i got... a dog.
i am so excited!
his name is lucious, pronounced loo-shus.
his name used to be "alex" though.
you can see why we changed it. :)
he is an australian shepard/ border collie mix and is only a year and a half.
my poppa and i have wanted a new dog for awhile now so we adopted him from the pound.
he is one bad ass canine.
he is completely trained and is so much fun.
he also has a very distinct grin that he displays for everyone to see quite often.
i really think i saved his life from getting him out of that awful place.
he is such a lovable character.
he is really thankful to me and my father.
you can just tell by the big smile on his face.
and guess what?
we are getting another one too.
my father's girlfriend is adopting one as well from the pound.
this one is an eight month old, pure white pit bull.
it is a ball of 100% energy 24/7.
he was my father and i's second choice so we are excited to get him too.
my father's girlfriend is naming him "leche" which is spanish for "milk."
i don't like the name but whatever. :)

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