Wednesday, July 8, 2009

slowly but surely i am making an entrance.

wow, it is so frustrating and sad that i haven't been able to post every day.
i have been living with my poppa the past week and a half.
surprisingly it has been going pretty well.
i get my own room for the first time in my life.
i am finally seeing all the movies i have wanted to see that me mum would never allow me to view.
i can wear whatever the hell i want.
i can do whatever i want too.
well, to an extent obviously.
the only let down:
i am cut off from the world.
i do not have a cell phone so i can not call my friends and i do not own a laptop to blog on.
out of all the let downs, i hate not being able to post the most.
it is like my diary or something.
an online art journal.
until i can get a portable computer of my own, i will only be able to get on here every week or so.
but i will try to as much as possible.
it was a relief to get on here though, let me tell you.i have had nothing around me but a telly and a cat by the name of hannah.

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