Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the siren song.

it is nearly the start of a new month and you know what that means? a new photospread from LA2day! this time they went a whole new route from the "park life" from the beginning of march and chose to dive into the sea to discover the beauty of women in its depths. Sparkly jewels, colorful ribbons, and bright eyeshadows compelled the photos with intriguing zeal. along with the spread there came a little poem by jeremy tarr. enjoy!
Far away from these maudlin shores
Through amber waves and misty moors
In wildest seas where serpents do slither
Beckons mermaids to sailors a coy come hither.
I followed their cries through seven great oceans
Their lilting sweet songs steering my devotion
Whilst I battled Neptune's waves and crazed cyclones
And fought off eager offers from Hades' Charon.

With eyes like pearls from oyster's fresh mouths
And scales and gills that wriggled down south,
With cheeks rouge in purples and ambers and plums
My brain when I saw them went curiously numb.
Awake I stirred to the sight of chaste sprites
And I swam with them all through water's black night.
Blonde and auburn curls danced in God's blue drink
My lust carried me forth, my brain ceased to think.

They cautioned me to flee whilst time still made sense
And fight off the sleep that thrives at love's expense.
But warnings and heeds I cast down to rocks
And chased but instead their dancing nymph locks.
They asked me to marry and be their good groom
And to live on the sea-floor in my watery tomb
To an alter they took me as a king to his crowning
And as my gasp came to close, I realized I was drowning.

models: katie casey, molly collins, jeneleen floyd, rachel kolar
photography by maximilla lukacs
if you want to check out the whole thing along with the rest of the amazing site, go to:
well i ought to go do some homework. i got so much art to do! and tomorrow i am going to a few art galleries and then getting my hair cut, finally! :)
keep daydreaming!

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