Thursday, April 2, 2009

the fury of the purple.

alright ladies and gentler ones, i have finally gotten my hair cut and colored. i just got it done last night so no pictures yet! but don't worry, i will get some up as soon as possible.

now, being the very unfortunate young woman that i am, i still live with me mum (don't be so disapointed, i still got 2 months til i graduate highschool!) so bright crazy-ass colors are totally out of the question. but before you feel too sorry for me, when i went and got my hair done, i had the wonderful hair-dresser put a few purple streaks in it. i told her me mum could shove it. ;) i mean after all, it wasn't my whole hair i was dying purple was it? no. so i totally got away with it. along with some purple on either side, i got a dark brown-ish auburn color on top then black underneath it all (and all of a sudden "no doubt" 's music pops into my head). oh and the above picture with kristen stewart is pretty much what i look like only the girl does not have my rad purple and my auburn is a little darker. now until i can get my own photos up, i decided to let you all take a glance at other "purple-haired" looks that i randomly found on photobucket. enjoy!

this one is actually more pink with a blue streak but who cares? i like it ok?

this is an example of what me mum would not let me do:

how could i resist putting up a picture of mila in ultraviolet.... i couldn't. :)

okay so the overly-gifted gal that did my hair (dawn) just did her own hair similar to this. only instead of brown all over, it was black underneath and white on top. it was so awesome. she did it herself (with the help of her bf) and once did it with orange, turquoise, and pink.

i love this one. i have always loved the blond with dark on the bottom. i doubt i could ever pull it off however, so i have never done it. i look odd with blonde hair.

gawl my hair is so thin, i have such jealousy for those who can poof their hair to the sky.

this one is pretty much my fav of the bunch.

so hopefully i can get my own face and hair up here soon. just depends on my camera which is acting up again. sigh
i also gotta go get ready for school and can i just say that i can not wait to be in college? i hate highschool and its small-minded, cell-phone obssessed, high drama students that attend it. i hate the cliques and the unnessasary rudeness. i am not trying to be um "self rightious" when i say that i am mature and they are not. is that too evil to admit? seriously though, i can not have one single passionate, intellectual, deep-minded conversation with anyone in my whole school, or with anyone my age and under for that matter. the girls only talk about boys and gossip.... and the latest "gossip girl" episode. the "boys" only talk about their muscles and what girls they "did" last weekend. believe you me, my generation is a dying breed. i feel like self mutalating myself out of frustration and impatience to live my own life in the real world. (don't worry i won't though) i need a change, my hair was not enough. i need to go.... go where "no one i know will find me" (that was from "nick and norah" if you didn't recognize it)
well i really should get going. i am going to be late, again. not that i need to take a class about adults anyways seeing as i already feel more like one then the rest of my class. (i have "adult roles" first period haha)
well peace out and sorry about my venting, but isn't that what blogs are for? :)

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