Monday, May 4, 2009

be still my gentle heart.

so today i thought that sluffing just wasn't the right thing to do anymore. haha so i got home release.
i told my school counselor that my sociology class was pointless and repetitive. all we do is take notes. the teacher always finishes about a half hour before class should even get out so the rest of the class and me just sleep, daydream, or listen to music.
in my case, i take a dose of all three.
but anyways, my counselor believed me and so now i have dropped sociology for a time to just go home for the rest of the day. how nice it feels. :)
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call me glitter, little deer said...

you're right the bike riding mk looked really a bit like whoopie, or a mix from whoopie an ozzy.
btw that photo looks so fragile.

alexandra jane said...

haha :)
and yes, i love the picture. :)

Adorably Juicy said...

broken elegance


Adorably Juicy

alexandra jane said...

oh the perfect words to describe it. thank you. :)

REread said...

... daydream nd listen to music ... ahhh to be back in the classroom!!

alexandra jane said...

:) :)

Morning Glory said...

I hated classes like that. I say, If you doon't need the credit, then why be in the class. Good for you for finding a way to get out of it.