Monday, March 16, 2009

clowning around.

one of my favorites of the bunch.

i am not going to lie, i love clowns. not the fake halloween versions, but the real authentic ones. you know, the kind like "it" that made you fear even the word "clown". whilst looking around the internet i found this article from july of 2008 on young women in swimsuits with their faces lightly painted with florecent colors. i instantly fell in love with the photos and makes me crave summer.
here is a snipet of the article:
"As The Dark Knight has proven, clowns are in. But had they ever gone out? Or had they just been hiding, lingering in the back of your mind, sneaking through your subconscious and waiting to laugh in your face all over again. They've been sent in this summer to terrorize Gotham via Heath Ledger's sociopathic alter-ego and now LA2DAY brings them to our Los Angeles shores in our new fashion photo spread as captured by Shannon Rowland." - Jeremy Tarr.
amd here is where i found them:

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