Tuesday, March 17, 2009

from one room to another

i found this song/poem on youtube today. it was done byt futureshorts. they make short videos (obviously) but the thing i love most about them is each one has such meaning and makes you think. i seriously have gone through so many mood changes in the past half hour watching some of these. the first one i watched was crazy and made me laugh and then the next minute i was near tears, then i was onto empathy, then i landed on a high. then i watched this one called "from one room to another". this one is a very long one being a little over ten minutes long. i thought that the director made it a little too long because the point of the video was in the middle and then just had shots of water and drain pipes for most of the rest. but the song that starts a few minutes into the video is sad but moving. it is sung by motionless, monotone children stuck in a classroom. it is done in a foreign language but is still quite beautiful.

here is the song:

the pattern on the curtain

same as before

you've waited

for so long

that they love you

that they want you to stay

want you to nurse the illusion

that everything's alright

nobody's feeling cold

and angel's wings are pure

from room to room

from room to room

and never out

the same dream again and again

the cuts are deep

knots don't hold

no room in the corner

you had it all

you wouldn't crush them

the mold tighter than ever


and if you want to watch the whole video, here is the link:


but please check out their other videos especially. my favorites so far are:

the black hole..... my take: crazy!

who's gonna save my soul? ..... my take: i love the beginning half but then it gets a little too corny for me by the end with the singing heart.

skeletons in the closet.... my take: very well done!

please say something......... my take: depressing but moving and true!


D.I.Y. ..... my take: a complete masterpiece.

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