Monday, March 16, 2009

kime at her best.

here is an update on my favorite blogger and one of my most admired artists:
kime buzzelli.
i just love how she makes her women so gorgeous and sexy, without going overboard. and the use of watercolors is so apealing and fun! it is a pity that she closed down her store in l.a. commonly know as "show pony". it was so original and it saddens me to see it end! but she won't be stopping her art any time soon i hope because i adore every part of this girl! she is absolutely adorable! please check her out! here is her blog address:
i love the look of the girl on the right!

kime often paints her women with crazy hair colors and styles.

this one reminds me a picture i saw once of kiersten stewart who is a young actress here in america.

the beautiful artist herself at home.

her cat, georgie boy and friend, with kime in the background getting down to business with her art.

keep dreaming and please check this girl out!

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