Tuesday, April 21, 2009

chipil the thrill.

i came across this hauntingly wonderful photographer today.
she is the perfect example of enigma and lustly charm.
i love this kind of photography because of its dark and lovely aspects.
her name is jackeline moller.
enjoy. :)

here is the photographer herself.
love, love, love the hair. it is my color! :)

you really need to check out her spot on deviant art because these have the most beautiful titles.

i love her glasses.
these next two are my favorites. the titles are:
"i died here yesterday."

i totally own this shirt. :)
keep daydreaming!


call me glitter, little deer said...

pretty scary, kind of strange but nice.
i have never seen a girl with so long extansions.

alexandra jane said...

oh my i know! i wonder if it is real. i mean, one of my old teachers had hair that nearly went to her ankle. she was really old. haha but the hair was completely real. :)