Sunday, April 19, 2009

here comes the sun.

you know that big, huge, ball of fire that heats the air and makes life warmer? yeah well, it is finally poking out from behind the clouds to shine forth some spring.
i went to salt lake city yesterday and stopped by urban outfitters. i was there for about two hours. seriously, i don't think i have ever found anything there that i didn't like.
i found an apartment! i am probably going to move in a couple of months after i graduate. where i am moving is not exactly where i want to live for the rest of my life but it has some good points.
1. i get it all to myself.
2. it has a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a loft.
3. it has heating and air conditioning.
4. i get to decorate it how i want.
5. i get it really cheap because the land lady is my older sister's aunt-in-law.
6. it is pretty much brand new.
it is a wonderful place but i would really like to move to cali or seattle. my plan is to live in this new apartment for about a year so i can save up money and then move to where i really want to live.
i gotta go shopping for some things to make this place my own!
picture came from the drifter and the gypsy blog i believe. i found it a couple weeks ago so i can't exactly remember! i am sorry!
keep day dreaming.


Morning Glory said...

Oh my god!! Good for you!! I've always had a roommate until recently. But I must say, although I loved splitting the rent, there is nothing like having a place of your own. It's so freeing. Happy decorating!!

alexandra jane said...

true true haha. and that's exciting for you too! i can't wait. :)

Maria Angela said...

The apartment sounds lovely! I'm in the market for a place... my friends and I want to move off campus next semester. Unfortunately, New York isn't a very affordable city to live in!
Keep up the writing, lovely.


alexandra jane said...

oh that would be so fun! i have always wanted to go to new york. i am a big city girl. :) thanks maria and good luck!