Tuesday, April 21, 2009

diary of a sleepless mind.

dear diary,
i don't know if it's tomorrow already,
or are we still in yesterday?
because i still can't sleep.
i have put in older posts that i have trouble sleeping.
well last night wasn't any better.
i ended up sluffing school today and going over to my friend T's house.
he works all night about an hour away from where we both live and he was exhausted too.
we ended up sleeping all day, well until two in the afternoon.
he was so nice about it too because i wasn't just tired.
i have been having family problems and he sat and listened to me vent for the longest time.
then he dragged his mattress out from his bedroom in front of the telly and we just both feel asleep.
i was able to get up in time to make it home before me mum wondered where i was.
she has no idea how much i skip class.
i mean, i don't really that much.
but today was the first time i sluffed the whole day.
i missed both my art classes.
but i could not take going.
i would've have broke.
i felt like T was the only person i could go to and i was right.
he made me feel so much better.
haha i can still smell his cologne on my shirt. :)
isn't it nice to know that someone really cares about you sometimes?
it doesn't happen often.
to me at least.
but when it does, i feel so alive and loved.
i just wish he didn't have to go back to work that workaholic.
the picture and title was also from chipli.


Light and Writing said...

I love T! This day reads like a sweet movie! I hope family problems work out!

alexandra jane said...

:) i love him too.
my life tends to sound like a movie quite often haha. thank you so much, you are sweet. :)

setyourselfonfire said...

Your blog is really beautiful! I've enjoyed reading your posts. Have you moved into your new apartment yet? I never got the chance to live on my own but the idea of it always excited me.

alexandra jane said...

thank you! :) that was really sweet. and no i have not. i still have to graduate highschool! haha i am moving by summertime, probably july. i am going to start moving some stuff up soon tho and fixing it up MY style. ;) and this will be the first time i live on my own so i am excited too. :)