Thursday, April 30, 2009

inspire me.

so all of you know that i am soon moving into my own apartment (roommates not included.)
and i want it to look like me.
unfortunately i have had to endure eighteen years of living in me mum's idea of style:
pictures of jesus on every wall,
five bibles in every room,
pink accessories,
fake flowers because she can't keep real ones alive to save her life,
and ect.
so being out on my own will be kind of what the pilgrims felt when they were finally aloud to leave england to leave their own way.
so being in the pre-jitter excitement state, i found these rooms that i find qutie inspiring and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

i really like those pictures.
they are very inspiring.
I mainly like that the walls are painted white with accents of color. It is very classic and pretty.

good luck!

alexandra jane said...

thank you :) :)