Saturday, May 2, 2009


Are your parents married or divorced? my parents are divorced.
Are you a vegetarian? yes to an extent i am. i only eat meat if i am forced and i can't see it.
Do you believe in Heaven? heaven is something i believe in yes, but i am not sure where it is or who gets to live there.
Have you ever come close to dying? a few times.
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? i wear my peace and love neckalace and a couple of bracelets that match pretty much everything.
Are you eating? not at the moment. i had some doritos a couple of minutes ago.
Do you eat the stems of broccoli? yes but they have to be cooked. i hate cold veggies.
Do you wear makeup? yes but not a lot.
Would you ever have plastic surgery? no. i think if i had that kind of money i would just go to italy or something.
What do you wear to bed? shorts and a T.
Have you ever done anything illegal? yes but nothing drastic.
Can you roll your tounge? haha yes. i had to do it just now to make sure i could.
Do You have a boyfriend or girlfriend? nope. neither.
Do you believe in Abortions? only if the mother's life is in danger. other than that, i think everyone child should have a chance.
What is your Hair color? auburn-brown, black, and purple.
Future child's name, boy and girl? oh i like so many.
Do you smoke? no i do not.
If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? italy.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? one yes but it so big i use it as a pillow.
If you won the lottery, what would you do first? go to italy or buy myself a lovely apartment in the city somewhere.
Gold or silver? silver
Hamburger or hot dog? hamburger if i had to choose.
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? reeses, frapaccinos, and pasta.
City, beach or country? a city near the beach. :)
What was the last thing you touched? the keyboard.
Where did you eat last? here in my house.
When's the last time you cried? the other day.
Do you read blogs? yes i do.
Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? haha i do sometimes. not like over the top, but i wear men's clothes sometimes. they are comfy.
Ever been involved with the police? yes.
What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner and soap? garnier fruitis
Do you talk in your sleep? no but i have been known to cry.
Ocean or pool? ocean.
What's your favorite song at the moment? Carve Your Name by The Grates.
Have you ever had a cavity? no i never have.
Window seat or aisle seats? window.
Ever met anyone famous? not really. they weren't that known.
Do you feel that you've had a truly successful life? yes i do. i have come such a long way.
Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? i do both.
What is your fav. sport to play? swimming and raquet ball.
Basketball or football? football
When was the last time you went to the bathroom? about two hours ago.
Do you drive a stick? as a matter of fact i do. it is a piece of shit car.
Cake or ice cream? icecream although right now i want some chocolate cake or some beautiful cupcakes.
Are you self-conscious? sometimes yes.
Are you in love with any of your close friends? no i am not. don't get me wrong, some of my friends are very attractive but i would never want to ruin our relationships.
Have you ever given money to a bum? no.
Have you been in love? not exactly.
Where do you wish you were? boston right now.
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? nope.
Can you tango? yes. well i learned to but i kind of forgot. i could remember it if someone started dancing it with me again though.
Last gift you received? a frapaccino from my friend.
What occasion did you recieve your gift? it was senior-sluff day. haha
Last thing you spent lots of money on? pants.
Where do you live? in bloody utah.
Last wedding attended? an old family friend's daughter. she got married to an eastern world man and it was very beautifully arranged. so many flowers and fruit and colorful dresses.
Favorite restaurant? tuccis's, olive garden, gobora brothers, and pad thai.
What is your favorite kind of car? i like older cars. they have a history and personality.
Most hated food(s)? mushrooms, seafood, and meat.
Most loved food(s)? food that is blasting with flavors.
Can you sing? people say i can but i just goof around.
Person on your mind? this boy.
What's your least fav. chores? i hate all chores. haha
Favorite drink? italian sodas and frapaccinos, guava juice, mango juice, papaya juice and horchatas.
Currently have a Crush? no not right now.
How long was your longest drive in a car? a full 24 hours to wisconsin.

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