Saturday, May 2, 2009

i want breakfast with audrey...

because i love her.
if she was still living today i would kidnap her and marry her. her and her cat named "cat."
she is one of the most equisitely and admirably women in all of history.
am i wrong?
no i am not.
here are some snapshots of her in one of my favorite movies of her and one of my favorite movies of all time:
breakfast at tiffany's.

one of my most beloved parts in the whole movie.

if you have lived your life without seeing this classic movie you really are not living.
here audrey is again. i am in love with her classic, elegant, and graceful style. i doubt she ever needed to put any effort into what she did and is still doing to people everywhere.
photos found on google images.
keep daydreaming!


A "cheery" disposition said...

beautiful post! I would love Audrey such a classy beauty!

alexandra jane said...

oh i know i know :) :)

Light and Writing said...

She makes me sigh she is so elegant and lovely!

alexandra jane said...

she makes me sigh twice. ;)