Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new, not improved.

as you can see, i got myself a new layout for my blog. hopefully i can get used to everything on the left now. haha. me mum and sister are down in salt lake city today to look for a prom dress. i was asked to prom too by a good friend of mine but we are not going to go. i hate dances. i can't dance. and they are fu**ing expensive. i would rather spend my money on something i could use in the future. not on a dress i will only wear once and on photos that i know i will look like hell in anyways. whatever. haha instead, the guy that asked me and i are going to go down to salt lake city ourselves and hang out for the day down there. much like something i would rather do than go to a dance that i know will be a disapointment. but anyways.

i finally finished my friend's commision she had for me. she wanted me to paint two faeries to hang up in her daughter's bedroom. i took quite awhile due to my demanding schoolwork. plus it was my first real commision and i was extremely nervous that she wouldn't like them. but she seemed to like them quite a lot and her daughter even named the faeries "anne" and "flowery". the daughter is five years old. haha i am so relieved that the liked them, plus my friend payed me fifty dollars for the two eight by eleven pieces so not bad in my book.

oh my, i have not eaten much since yesterday afternoon and it is now 1:15 PM here in dismal utah. guess what i had for breakfast? saltine crackers. yes, completely nourishing and filling... i was being sarcastic. haha i have nothing in the house to eat. i crave a frapaccino right now. i know that isn't exactly "healthy" either but it sure is filling.


hey check out this song i am listening to right now. it is very pretty:

imogen heap by not now but soon

sorry i am rambling so much right now. i am so bored and want to get out of the house! the weather is finally warming up a bit and i want to experience it before it goes away!
i think i found the picture from the drifter and the gypsy blog.
keep daydreaming!


Morning Glory said...

Love the new layout! Aahhhh!!, I'm so jealous that you know how to put music on your blog. I've tried and failed miserably.

alexandra jane said...

hey thanks! if you go to where my music is displayed, underneath it there should be an icon that says "get tracks" or "create free". click on that and then on the website you can create your own account. then once you save a playlist it will give you the option to place it on your blog. they will give you instrustions from there. :) good luck and if you need more help just email me.