Monday, April 6, 2009

ok i'm just going to be honest with you.

the most ten honest things about me are:

1. i am an artist. not just because i can draw or paint. but because i am creative and i think. i strive to be original and thrive on new experiences and ideas.

2. i am stubborn. very stubborn. i have never in my life gone for someone else's ideas or opinions just to fit in. i have my own thoughts so i don't need your help with defining them. being stubborn gets me teased a lot by my guy friends. ;)
3. i am a city girl. i do not enjoy the country very much. every-now-and-then i can go to the country-side and enjoy the fresh air. but i hate the smell of cows and other farm animals. not only that, but rarely anything happens in the farm lands. everything is so quiet. which brings me to number four.

4. i need noise in my life. i need action. i need adventure. i have to constantly be listening to music or i go crazy from the silence. something has to be going on around me or i get bored.
5. although people would never guess it from me, i am a romantic. i love fairytales, not disney fairytales, but real stories like Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. i love flowing dresses, lace, photography of women in dreamy settings, poetry, and real love and calming music.

6. i am fasinated by the female body. no, i am not interested in women in a love way. i am not a purvert. i just think we are beautiful creatures. women are such magical beings that deserve to be recognized so. i suppose that is why i tend to only draw women.
7. i want to go to italy one day and hope to live in seattle, washington after i graduate highschool in less then two months. i have always adored italy. i used to live in washington since i was born until i was five. then i moved to dull and unchanging utah for my poppa's work purposes. but i still visit it often and love it so much.

8. in truth, i had severe depression since i was very small until i reached the age of seventeen. i had a lot of family problems that caused me to have a very sad childhood. most people wish they could go back, i rather die.
9. i believe in these two sayings more than any others:
regrets are mistakes you don't learn from
forgiveness means you've given up the hope that the past will be different
i don't know who said those because i have used them in my life for years and have forgotten the quoters.

10. it has taken my whole life, but i am finally appreciating life and accept myself for who i truely am inside.

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