Tuesday, May 12, 2009

first rule about jared: you must always love jared.

my uh, newest crush.
um, i love him.
jared leto. lead singer of 30 seconds to mars and also an actor.
you can recognize him mostly in the movies "alexander", "requiem of dreams", and my personal favorite: "fight club" as angel face.
angel face INDEED.

i couldn't resist this one ;)

as angel face in "fight club" back in '96. i like him with darker hair better but i loved him in this movie.
all photos found on google images.


Morning Glory said...

Have you ever seen "My So Called Life"? It was a tv show that came out during the mid 90's, and was a pioneer for all of those teen dramas that are on tv today.. Anyway, he was impossibly cute and brooding in that series. I have the series on dvd, but you should check out the clips on YouTube. And can you believe he's almost 40?? Does he ever age;)

alexandra jane said...

oh i have heard stuff about that show but i had no idea he was in it! i will have to check it out, thank you! :)