Sunday, May 10, 2009

i have become tired of dancing.

like i said in my last post, this past week has been absolutely out of control.
i am entirely exhausted to the point of hopelessness.
i am in AP Art and the final test was this last friday. i had to compose a portfolio filled with my art on an online website where college professors judge my work to decide if i deserve college credit for it. i also had to send in five original pieces that they can see personally.
i can not discover my results on this test until late june to early july. i am quite on edge with anxiety. i am fearing that i will not be able to contain my excitement in a patient state any longer.
and it has only been two days.
i have kept myself up for over a week trying to create pieces that i believe fits the standards of the judging. my art teacher pulled me aside on friday after i had mailed my portfolio to the eastern part of the country and told me that my portfolio was, in her opinion, the best out of my whole class and the other students that was turning their art in as well.
i guess that boosted my hope up a bit.
so that is why i have not posted hardly this past week. i have been so booked up with expectations. but i am finished with it and i pray that it has all been worth it.


Francie. said...

Show some work!
It sounds like you'll do fine though!


alexandra jane said...

:) thank you. i hope so.
oh i have been thinking of putting some of my work up but i am so shy about it! i have never been one to really brag about my stuff, i am pretty quiet about it. but i will consider it. :)