Tuesday, May 12, 2009

talk about getting intimate with your family.

this is the weirdest, most embarrassing family picture i have ever laid my eyes on....
is anyone else worried about this family?
found on this blog:


Morning Glory said...

WTF!!!!!! OH MY GOD!

1. Hopefully they don't think this is art.
2. Why did they take a photo of it
3. Why is the little girl fondling the father?
This is an epic FAIL on so many levels. YIKES!!

A little Princess said...

OH.MY.GOD. I get sickened when my family wears stupid hats in our portraits, this, no. Eww. xoxo

alexandra jane said...

i agree completely with both of you. and hats little princess? wow i am sorry haha :)

xnapoleonx said...

Wow that's pretty much fucked up; looks like some kind of cult :')

boubou said...

lovely photos of the film !!
lovely blog :)
a très biento !
Boubou xx

alexandra jane said...

haha cult indeed. and thank you boubou, that means a lot. :)