Thursday, April 16, 2009

thou shalt not judge.... right?

i heard this weekend is going to finally be sunny and warmer! i am so siked. hopefully for once the weather man will be correct.
i am headed down to salt lake city on saturday to go to some art galleries perhaps and the gateway, which is a big outdoor mall. it is the only place in utah (that i know of) that has an urban outfitters. i am hoping that i can find some beautiful things to buy. i am dying to get a new headpiece. i love the outfitter's feather headbands. they are so pretty. i also really like their rings and necklaces. and who could forget their shirts, shoes, and pants? no one. haha i also get quite the kick out of the quirky books they sell.


you want to know something i have been pondering about?

i have been thinking a lot about the whole gay-marriage thing that is going on around the country. so many people are for it but then so many people are against it, like all issues there has to be two sides.

me mum is very against the whole idea even though she works with a homosexual man who has a very steady boyfriend. he is a very nice guy. i once did an art commision for him.

and i have so many homosexual friends at school both male and female. i love each one of them. to tell you the truth, i have nothing against homosexuality. nothing what-so-ever. my own aunt is a lesbian and has had the same girlfriend for many, many years. i love them both. they are two of the nicest people in my whole family. my aunt's girlfriend has been accepted by my family as one of us, even though she is not aloud to marry my aunt where they live (wisconsin).

i have a friend that i love so much who is gay and he is one of my most nice friends.

what i am trying to say is, why is america judging these people and not letting them do what they want just because they don't think the way the government does? or the others of america?

we are the so-called "free" country but yet people that are different from the "popular" group are shut down and ridiculed. it just isn't right.

i am sorry if i offended anyone with this. i am really just trying to see the other side of this issue that is consuming our country. i live in a place where "different" is just not on the winning side. you gotta fit in or you are looked down upon.
i just believe that people should be able to make their own decisions. i don't think it is up to the others on this continent to tell us how we should live.
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Light and Writing said...

Yes! What is wrong with some people?

call me glitter, little deer said...

here the weather is the other way around it was super hot and sunny and now it's rainy and colder...

Judge Bob said...

Let me see if I can explain the conflict, because you obviously don't understand the problem. First, nobody is saying homosexual people aren't nice people. Nice is not the issue at all. Secondly, those who oppose homosexual marriage are not hateful by definition just because they oppose homosexual marriage. These are assumptions about conservatives. These assumptions are being fed to you by the media. That's why you aren't hearing the conservative side of this issue. But I'm glad you brought it up especially under the anti-wisdom mantra the state run education has taught you. "You shouldn't judge..." In point of fact you do judge whether you admit it or not. You must judge if you are going to survive. Otherwise, how would you know who to trust, who to do business with, who to take as a friend, and most importantly who you will allow the privilege of mentoring you. So get that silly notion out of your head. I fully expect you'll challenge me that Jesus taught His followers not to judge. Well, sort of. That is a partial lesson. The full message was, "Don't judge unfairly." Martin Luther King said in his famous civil rights speech that all men should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. He got that message from the same message Jesus taught about judgment. By way of comparison, you have judged the conservative position with the limited information you've been fed by the media.

I shant judge you too harshly because you likely have never heard a conservative perspective articulated before. The schools and the media and the entertainment industries are all dominated by the far Left Liberals. I am not offended by your opinion and if I were, that would not make your opinion a sin, a wrong against me. But assuming contempt of me because of my position before investigation cannot help but prevent knowledge.

So here it is. My reasoning is that the redefining of the institution of marriage for the first time in history, IN HISTORY!! is not good for our culture. None of the conservative main stream are advocating limiting homosexual behavior, we're not even advocating limiting homosexual rights. Nobody is stopping them from doing what they do. The legal requirements for lifelong marriage style commitment are provided for in civil unions. All the rights heterosexuals have in our society, the homosexuals have in our society. The only, the ONE difference is naming their relationships marriage. This is a spiritual term originating with religion. With the rights and privileges issues provided for, there is no logical reason for the homosexual community to go after this title except that they want their relationships to be accepted as normal within every corner of our society including the church. The base of our religion is the Bible and the Bible specifically names this behavior an abomination. We would have to abdicate the foundation of our faith to accommodate this behavioral preference.

The Christian Right has demonstrated far more patience for other ideals than other ideals have demonstrated for the Christian. Don't believe me? Try a little experiment all on your own. Go buy a cheap pro-Bush T-shirt and a cheap pro-Obama T-shirt. Wade into a noticeably Liberal crowd wearing the pro-Bush shirt and check their responses to your presence. You don't have to say a word, just walk by and check their responses. Take notes for comparison. Then change shirts and go to a noticeably Conservative crowd and watch their reaction to your presence. Even talk with them about Obama's politics. You will not be able to generate the anger you will have experienced in the Liberal crowd because Liberals are the intolerant.

Please do come by any of my blogs and read in fuller detail a Christian Right wing perspective. I promise you it is not based in hatred but in love for these people. I know their behavior to be self destructive and I desire they come into the greater knowledge of how this behavior is destructive.

A little Princess said...

Such an inspiring post, thank you for talking about such a subject. Blonde or Brunette, Gay or hetro, it's personal choice, but it's judgement from others and how we deal with it that's important. My "uncle in law" is married to a man and they are both regional politicians here, the judgement they receive makes them so much tougher! Have a fab week xoxo

alexandra jane said...

thank you to everyone that commented! and "judge bob", I highly respect your opinion. i can tell that you are very passionate about it. i was just saying with this whole thing that i support people with their decisions and don't judge them rudely. i accept them. but thank you for your perspective. :)