Tuesday, June 23, 2009

boom boom pow

i am getting ready to start my summer class tomorrow so i can recieve my diploma.
been looking at editorials all day and have been loving it.
i have set myself a goal of working out every day.
i am going on a roadtrip with my friends in a couple of weeks to a place where there is a lot of hiking and water to swim like fishes in.
i am not in shape.
i mean, i am pretty skinny and all.
no way do i believe that i am fat.
because i am not.
but i am out of shape in the sense that i don't ever work out.
haha it is so hard for me to keep up with my friends who are all very athletic and work out often.
so i would like to work hard on my abs, legs, and arms to get ready to keep up with them all.
i worked so hard yesterday but it felt great.

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