Saturday, June 27, 2009

five in the morning and i slowly chance a look at the sky only to find that there is still so much to hide.

big surprise!
i can't sleep again.
it is nearly five in the morning.
the sun is going to come up soon.
i can already hear birds outside.
i don't get this, i don't even drink caffeine which is weird because all my friends and family do.
and i don't take naps during the day.
so why the hell am i never sleeping?
this next part might be a little bit of a spoiler but read on if you wish.
i saw the new transformers movie last night.
what a freaking waste of money and time.
it was really horrible.
i know nearly everyone is absolutely loving it.
but i hated it with a passion.
i never laughed when it was meant to be intentional.
i actually laughed when it was meant to be serious.
in fact, i laughed hysterically.
i kind of felt bad for the people around me.
the acting was terrible.
megan fox was a slut, along with that new girl that had that scorpion tail thing coming out of her ass.
shia labeouf was annoying at times.
the special effects weren't nearly as good as the first one.
the humping dogs really got on my nerves, along with those tiny twin cars.
plus, it was really unrealistic.
i mean, i know it was just a movie.
but still, hollywood has to have some boundries as to what can really happen.
there is just know possible way that a huge sun-destroyer could survive inside the pyramid of giza for millions of years and no one even knowing about it.
and the story did not make much sense either.
i left the movie theater with more questions than i had going in.
my friends want to hang out today.
i am rather tempted to just stay home though.
i want to work on some art and i will probably need a nap.
i hope the rest of you are sleeping alright.


Morning Glory said...

You are HILARIOUS!! "Hollywood should have some boundaries as to what can really happen" I almost spit out my drink!! I was told that transformers was horrible. You just confirmed it yet again.....won't be wasting my $9.50.

alexandra jane said...

haha good, it was so stupid. :)