Thursday, June 25, 2009

such a lonely day, and it's mine.

today was so long and boring.
i got some more painting done.
and i worked on some other art stuff that i have been wanting to do.
but i was so very, very lonely all day.
i almost felt like i have just wasted away on the computer when i wasn't painting.
summer has been so dull and grey since it has started.
i was supposed to start my summer class but me mum is being very difficult and won't let me.
i need to move out.
and to move out i need money.
and in order to get money i need a job.
but no one is fucking hiring because of the economy.
damn it.
damn, damn, damn.


Morning Glory said...

I love the new look! All the new pics towards the bottom right hand are so inspirational. I wish I was computer savvy enough to do something more with my blog visually, but o well, I kinda like my plain motif;) Awesome job girl!!

alexandra jane said...

:) thank you. i love your blog, it really doesn't need to change. :)