Monday, June 22, 2009

not impossible, impassible. tim burton does it again.

tim burton has released the first photos for his new creation and remake of the famous story of "alice in wonderland."
i am so excited but have no idea how i am going to wait patiently for this film.
it does not come out in theatres until march of 2010.
i am so enthralled to see the masterpiece of the mad hatter played by johnny depp (featured in first photo)
and i am just as excited to see helena bonham carter play the evil red queen (second photo.)
i thought it was interesting that burton had his helpers make her head twice as big as usual.
and finally (in the third picture) there is the white queen, played by anne hathaway.
i have to admit that i am quite hesitant as to what my opinion should be with this casting.
anne hathaway is a pretty good actres in my view, if you do not count the diaries' movies.
but she has never done anything out of the ordinary and well, weird.
i am anxious to see the result.


Morning Glory said...

Holy shit, I was JUST about to post about this! I had images saved and everything until I logged in and saw your post!! Crazy! Doesn't Johnny look like Elijah Wood?

alexandra jane said...

haha we are both just geniuses! :) and YES he does! i never thought of that. but now i can see it.