Thursday, January 15, 2009

the 18 year resolution.

okay, so it has been 2009 for nearly a month. i have finally set my new year's resolution:
no more secrets
my whole life i have held in what was going on in my world and with my family. i wouldn't tell anybody and it forced me to be put in the hospital for two weeks at a time sometimes.
now i am not saying that i am just going to tell anyone anything. i am saying that if i am getting depressed, i can tell someone i trust. talking about your problems is a hard thing to do for most people i think, but it is so worth it. you feel such peace inside. the problem is still there, but now you don't have to do it alone.
this whole year until november i will be eighteen. it is such an awesome feeling being able to make some decisions on my own. i wish that i could be moved out right now though. i can't wait to decorate my own place. you know, when you live at home, it is home. your mother decorates it and tries to make it as comfortable as possible. that is, at least, for most families. me mum does that too. but seriously, when i move out, my home will look nothing like my house right now. i love me mum but our styles are the complete opposite.
well i better get to school. it's funny, i nearly always write my posts before i go to school, when i am not even awake.
the two links for the photos up top are:
have a great day and keep dreaming.
rock on.

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