Sunday, January 11, 2009

my new muse and lover.

i have done it.

i have fallen in love with a magazine. not just any magazine, but a magazine called frankie.

i discovered this creation at a barnes and noble near where i live. i have become entirely fixed upon it.


the magazine's website describes itself with these words:

"frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are. "


they focus on fashion, art, music, crafts, and life. most magazines interview celebrities and let you know about the latest clothing from marc jacobs and prada. but frankie demands the presence of newcomers from mainly australia and abroad whether they are artists, musicians, or other hobbies not found elsewhere. they let you know not what the "in" things are, but what is different and unique and what will make you stand out.

i completely lust upon the art and street fashion they show and admire their completely remarkable way of putting things.

check them out on their website:

or buy the magazine at your local barnes and noble.

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