Friday, January 16, 2009

bare beauty.

these amazingly beautiful digital artworks of young men are by the very talented del melchionda. i discovered him on

his perception is very liken unto real young men. they are mezmorizing and gorgeous.

.... if only they were real. :)

here is the link for melchionda:

well tonight i am going to watch the original "night of the living dead". the black and white version. it was one of the first scary movies ever made. the first of its kind. it is one of my favorites.
and then tomorrow i am going up to the college near where i live and participating in a drawing session. i am excited because it is the first time i will be drawing not only in a college class but it is a nude drawing class. i am not like saying that i enjoy looking at nakedness or whatever, but i really think i need to practice with the still life of the human body.
well i better go for today. i am going to freak my friends out with some scary movies! :)
peace out and keep dreaming.

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