Monday, January 12, 2009

candy clouds and sunny wishes.

winter has been so long this year and it is still only halfway through.
here in utah we can get really bad winter weather, at least in the north where i live.
i usually love the cold, but i am desperately wanting the sun to shine through the thick black clouds and drown me in it.
i want to go to the local amusement park that is just twenty to thirty minutes from where i am sitting now.
i want to go on a rollarcoaster, go swimming, and eat cotton candy which i don't like that much anyways but that's how much i am longing for summer.
i want a summer love, kisses in the warm rain, sneaking off to places one shouldn't wander late at night, fireworks, sunburns, laughter, shorts and tanktops, cold smoothies and icecream, the ocean, huge white clouds under a bright blue sky, dinner on the patio, the drive-in, fairs, local band concerts, visiting cemetaries late at night, scary movie watching, and prank pulling.
i want the warmth to engulf my body and trap me in it.
i want summer to come.
here is the link to the photo:
the photography is a simply beautiful thing to look at from this 16 year old girl. please check her out.
i have to go to school now so peace out and continue to daydream!

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