Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tomorrow's sound.

everyone that reads my blog should know that i love jared leto.

he is so attractively handsome.

i have to also admit that i think some men look extremely sexy in eyeliner.

here is one of my most favorite music videos with him"

from yesterday


A little Princess said...

Omigawsh, I love pretty men in eyeliner! You obviously have good taste! xoxo said...

awww you are so cute, and you make me smile. i very much enjoyed your profile comments. love how strong you are

love always
hope to hear from you again and again and again :)

Noshabelle said...

Yes, I must agree! He's one hell of a hottie!

Thanks for your comment! x

alexandra jane said...

:) thank you so much you three. i really appreciate your support. you are all so sweet. <3