Saturday, May 23, 2009

kermit is dead.

the first celebrity swine-flu victim.
(we all know who the carrier was)
my older sister sent this to me in an email. i love making humor out of this swine flu thing. i mean, it is not funny by all means, but people are really making more of a big deal out of it than they should. more people die from regular flu than anyone has from pigs.
i know it has been a few days since i have posted and i appologize. i have to go to a breakfast thing this morning where they will be serving a lot of meat.
but i told everyone that i would bring the orange juice, ketchup, and salsa. i felt like i should help out a little.
so when i get back i will make a bigger update and let you in on some things that have happened to me.
i hope you all have a beautiful morning and your dreams last night were quite fanciful. :)

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