Monday, May 18, 2009

i printed my heart on a piece of paper for you. please don't lose it.

i came home early from school because my allergies are overcrowding my mind so i can not think straight.
i haven't had allergies in four years.
and then they decide to just sprout from out of no where.
my older sister told me that sometimes there are plants we are allergic to that only bloom every few years or so.
she said maybe that is why i am reacting now.
because my "special allergic reactant plant" decided to spring up this year and cause my head to feel all dizzy and i can not breathe.
i am not sure if i believe my sister but that is all i got at the moment.
so right now i am just eating my poppa's homemade herb-and-sun-dried-tomato bread.
it is seriously heaven.
well keep on being your darling selves.
i got to write this shitty paper for my english class about "the biggest and hardest decision you have ever made".
what a joy.

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