Saturday, May 23, 2009

the life of jane to this point is radiating with anticipation.

my friend chelsey and a jack ass girl who came along with her on our road trip down south for the day. :)
me mum bought this twenty year old garfield figurine thing. i love garfield so it made me laugh.
me and one of my best friends, perlita (her real name is perla but i call her perlita) trying on some cowboy hats at the mall. so not our style either. haha
when we left the mall yesterday the sunset was so pretty, i had to capture it with perlita.
me and perlita in my ghetto car. i looked drugged or something. ah well.
wow, this week has been very frustrating and difficult. my grandparents came into town a little over a week ago and i haven't been able to do hardly anything. they are nearing the end of their lives so my parents think i need to spend as much time with them as i can.
i completely understand that, but they came at the worst time possible.
i am graduating and it is the end of my last year of highschool. all these parties are going on nearly every night and i have been invited to almost every one. but unfortunately, like i stated before, i am not aloud to go to any of them. i am missing out on my final year of required school because my grandparents had to come down at this time.
i missed my senior dance and one of my best friend's birthday party. i was the only one that could not go.
finally, last night, me mum aloud me to go to the mall with my other best friend, perlita. my hell, i was so relieved to get out of the house and away from my family! as much as i love them, i love them even more at a distance. how depressing is that?
i suppose i should speak of my grandparents on a lighter subject because they really are the best grandfolks in the world. they would do anything for me and my family. yesterday afternoon, before i went with perlita, they took my whole family out to dinner to celebrate my graduation. they gave me two hundred dollars as a present. i had an assumption that they would give me some money but i didn't expect that much.
now i just have to decide what to spend it on.
i was thinking of using it to help pay for a newer car. i am going to need one when i move to my apartment in a couple of months. then i thought about using it to help buy a laptop. i am going to need a computer when i move away too because i got to be able to create posts! plus, i spend a lot of my free time reading other blogs and looking at photography. i also use a computer for my art.
anyways, so i got to think that through.
hey i am listening to a song by jem right now called "they". i like the song but the girl is so... blah. i love her voice and music but she has absolutely no life in her eyes. she has the same expresion in all of her videos. she is beautiful but has no passion.
what do you think? here are some video links:
so in a post a little while back, one of my fellow, sweet blogger friends, morning glory, asked me what my favorite memory was. the one that made me smile just thinking about it.
the first memory that came into my head was when me and perlita went to lava hot springs in idaho. i hate idaho with a passion but this place is heaven. it is a spring that is literally heated by lava that is right under the surface. it is not man-made or heated. it is all natural. well in the summer the springs are right next to a river and tourists are aloud to go tubing down it. the lava also heats the river so the water is nice and warm.
it is so much fun.
anyways, me and perlita went up there in the summertime to go tubing of course. my family knows of a waterfall that is up the river a little ways from where you are supposed to start. the waterfall is quite high and lands in a huge wide pool of water that tourists can swim in, if they know where it is of course. :)
well my older brother and poppa decided that they thought it would be fun to try and swim upstream, against the waterfall's current. boys will be boys right? haha while they were messing around near the waterfall, perlita, my younger sister, and i were swimming around in the shallower water near the lava rocks. i had the brilliant idea to jump off the rocks into the deeper water, which was near the falls. my sister was like, "have fun with that one." she seriously is no fun but perlita thought it might be an adventure so she jumped in. to our surprised eyes, perlita could not swim against the waterfall's current and started to drift away, bobbing her head up and down under the water. she started to scream so i dove in after her screaming myself. i do not know what i was thinking since i have no upperbody strength and had no idea how i would save her but i did it anyways. at least i was going to try. unbafflingly i could not swim against the strong current myself. we were both screaming trying to stay above the water and i glanced at my little sister on the shore, who was laughing.
her older sister is going to die and she is laughing.
then, get this, i started to laugh. i was drowning and drifting further away from shore and i was laughing. then perlita started laughing. there we were, getting dunked below the surface and possibly going to die together and we are screaming our asses off while laughing at the same time. my poppa and brother had no idea what was going on the whole time.
finally, when neither of us could breathe at all, our feet slammed against some rocks. frantically we stood on them and realized we had floated back to the shore. we were so wrapped up in our near-death laughing experience that we hadn't even noticed ourselves floating back to the rocks by my sister.
yeah, um, we felt ridiculous and stupid but we can not stop laughing about it to this day.
thank you MG for that question. i hope it made you and other's smile. :)
btw, readers, here is MG blog site. it is a treat so check it out:
well, i hope you all have a fantastic saturday and have some fun with friends.


A little Princess said...

I have a love/hate thing for Jem. I'll listen without knowing, and think, oh cute. Sometimes I play her when I'm driving, it makes me blah. It's sad about your grandparents, and you're right, distance makes you love them more! xoxo

setyourselfonfire said...

woohoo i love road trips! i am craving one!

alexandra jane said...

yeah, a roadtrip would just be lovely right now. and thank you LP, i agree with you as well.<3