Monday, May 18, 2009

it's my 100th birthday and no one's brought me cake... i guess this picture will have to do.
ladies and gentler ones, this is my 100th post and i must say that i am very proud of myself.
blogs are so much fun. i never used to really be into them. i mean, i have always thought that it would be cool to let the world know what i was musing about for that moment but i never really got around to doing it. then one day i was looking at photography and i came across a blog where i found many interesting things that caused me to want to start one as well. i am terribly sorry that i can not think of the blog that got me going. how awful is that? but it was last year and i have a horrid memory for names.
it is so incredible how much i have changed since i started my blog towards the end of '08. people around me have noticed my changes and behavior. i am not the same alexandra jane most people are used to. i have always been more mature for my age but in the past couple of months i have grown up even more. my friends and family have stated that i have become more gentler and kinder in my speaking to people, i have been taking even more responsibility for my actions and with being an adult.
my life has been a collection of many, many rollercoasters that seem to never stop twisting and turning, sending me on a stomach-churning ride. it has been good for me however and i am grateful for it because without the suffering, i would never have known what it was like to be happy. just when you think the dark could go on forever, the sun starts to peek out from the horizon.
i am really proud of myself. this blog had enabled me to write down my thoughts and feelings, muses, and addictions. i have never been one for journal or diary writing. it bores me i believe because with a diary, you can't get feedback! :)
i hope i can continue to write down as many fanciful dreams as i can.
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A little Princess said...

Keep writing lots of fanciful dreams, I love finding a new post from you! Happy 100th post! Have a wonderful week xoxo

alexandra jane said...

aww thank you. you made my day. :)

Morning Glory said...

Here is an imaginary cupcake with a single candle. Cheers to 100 more! I'm glad I found your blog. The way you write your posts, with such realness and open vulnerability, is quite inspiring. Well done.

alexandra jane said...

haha why thank you MG, that was delicious. :) and thank you for your support. <3