Tuesday, May 26, 2009

viewer descretion advised.

before you read this i just want to warn you that it isn't for immature people to read. i will be talking about pornography and things related but for an appropriate usage. i am not speaking of it because i enjoy it. i have been having some serious thoughts and questions about it.
i have been reading a blog lately only because i have found it to be very interesting what this girl has to say and for the unsurprising offended but sometimes supportive comments. i am not sure i should say the name of the blog only because i feel a little bit bad for the girl.
she has gotten a lot of shit thrown at her for her blog posts. she is not on a blogger account but is on a xanga one.
i do however suppose that i should not feel sorry for her because it is her own fault that she puts what she does up for the world to see.
on her blog, this young woman has been posting pornographic pictures that can sometimes be extremely graphic for the immature eyes.
at times there are women and men receiving blow jobs, women being touched in private places, men and women having extreme sex, and homosexuals kissing and feeling each other. there have even been some phrases put up indicating sex and other oral activites. now i have enjoyed some of the photography at times. not the very extreme ones, but there are often romantic ones that are estectically pleasing to me. i have never seen anything wrong with sex, or anything to do with it. i believe it to be a very beautiful thing.
but some of the topics lately have really begun to annoy me.
i see nothing wrong in having your own opinion on things, but this girl seems to love the offended comments and feeds on them to make people more angered. some completely agree with her. but i have noticed that a lot of the people commenting believe that she is sinning with what she does. i think i am going to show you some of the things she has said that have upset people:
1. she had a picture that advised: "get excited and masturbate, it's free!"
2. she did a post called: "the art of mind fucking"
and a part of it said, "a woman who is really into being mind fucked and evensplanning of suffering her career at this very momentbecause of her addiction for being mind fucked."
3. "i also promote, what some consider to be a sin, masturbation because it helps to relieve stress, prevent pregancy and the spreading of disease, and it also helps to control sexual urges that humans have been given by God. my reason for masturbating is that i have been unable to give myself sexually to a member of the opposite sex. ever since i was 15, i have had strong sexual urges and i really cannot substain from controlling them which is practically inhumane act on their behalf. in my opinion, i do not believe that masturbation is a sin and therefore, i will continue to masturbate even if people tell me it is a sin. i should not have to be ashamed of my sin if i do not think that it is a sin at all. i really do believe that this is all pretty understandable."
4. but none of that realy bugged me until this one:
"everyone once in a while i like to look at pornography on the internet as i am sure alot of people do. i am an adult now but even before i ended up looking at it since those who watch it know that is can be so alluring. anyways i thought that i would post my top favorite pornography sites. the following pornography sites are usually good for viewing pornography because of the high quality and time limits of the videos. feel free to check them out."
and then the girl gives out all of her favorite porn sites with links.
ladies and gentlemen, this girl is eighteen years old and still in highschool.
she is promoting pornography to everyone that comes across her blog.
now i was perfectly fine with her opinion on masturbation and porn-addiction.
it is completely her choice and i respected that entirely.
i actually found her opinions interesting even if i did not entirely agree with them.
but i do not agree with her choice to try and get others to think it is okay.
i do not agree with her choice to allow people easy access to pornographic sites.
she gave a list of eight different sites and then asked people to comment to tell her their favorite porn sites.
so far there are eighty-two replies to this with half of the people telling about their most watched porn videos.
she is also being told "thank you" for showing a link to these sites.
am i wrong to be disturbed by this?
i am not a very judgemental person and i believe that people have the right to watch and do what they want and i repsect them for their opinions.
but this girl is stil lin highschool and is completely promoting something that is so graphic and sexual.
i mean, i am eighteen myself and don't mind looking at nude photos. but i think that is because i do not look at it for sexual urges to be released or for sexual pleasure. i see nudity as an art and something that should be used in a beautiful way. i have even posted nude pictures myself. but i never did or do it because i am sexually wanting satisfaction or something. i post them because i realize the art in it. i am more mature than what this girl is i believe. and i am not trying to sound cocky when i say that.
what do you all think?
all pictures found in nylon magazines.


Kyle Hemker said...

wow, that's pretty intense. I agree with you; people should be allowed to do what they please when it comes to posting and viewing what they want on the internet, but linking to and recommending porn to her followers is not right.

oh, and I really like your blog's music

xnapoleonx said...

Well don't shoot me but I actually can't see anything wrong to it.

Not that I would do it myself, as I prefer other things. But since its her blog its her choice what to do with it.

I believe freedom of speech is something very important, even if it is to be considered 'wrong' as e.g. Nazi propaganda etc.
It's worse to hide a problem than to talk about it. In the end common sense will prevail.

As it is here, being that obsessed with porn is a choice and it may upset people. But she's young, and although that seems wrong we're all looking for ourselves in this period. So its better she expresses and discovers herself on the internet and through porn, than to whore herself at the local club.

Who know, maybe she'll get a decent boyfriend someday and then discovers porn is just porn compared to the real thing.

xnapoleonx said...

Woops I bet that rant went a bit too long

alexandra jane said...

oh don't apologize! and i will NOT shoot you. :) i am actually very glad you gave me your opinion. and i really agree with you. i do. this is why i posted it in the first place, because i wanted to see if i could get other's views on it. and your respect for other's comments on things is very inspiring. i wish more people were like that.
thank you for the comment. :)

xnapoleonx said...

Got me curious which blog you were talking about, just out of interest, of course (;

Jay Puc said...

your blog is fabulous! period.

alexandra jane said...

thank you. :) :)