Wednesday, May 27, 2009

waking to the sound of a kitty's meow.

Watching... nothing at the moment. nothing comes on the telly this early in the morning that interests me. i am looking at different blogs though if that will count.
Listening... to the birds chirping outside, saying, "good morning!" and the sprinklers watering lawns across the town.
Drinking... some healthy, pulp-filled orange juice for breakfast. i really should be eating more when i wake up but i am never really in the mood for anything in the mornings.
Wanting... a white-chocolate- raspberry- mint frapaccino. the day off of school would be nice. i could then work on some of my art and read some books that i got fromthe library yesterday. some aussie music from the dew process would be nice as well.
Trying.... to make it through this last week of my highschool life. then i got to try and get myself motivated to quicky start and finish summer school so i can move into my new apartment.
this lovely little "update on your life" thing was suggested on the blog, here comes the sun.
i had also seen it on the blog, daydream lily.
i hope your day will be great.
my car pretty much died on me yesterday so i have to drive me mum's vehicle.
i don't see anymore hope for my little ghetto thing even though i loved it dearly.
i think i might make an official memorial post on here soon.


I need a guide said...

great photos!!

alexandra jane said...

thank you. :)