Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's just a mirage.

my most recent muse and love:
mirage magazine
i can not get enough of its provocative sexiness.
the women in it are definate girl-crushes.
i have fallen for all of them.
i went to barnes and noble yesterday to buy the latest nylon magazine and i found this treat.
i craved and wanted it so bad but it was unfortunately too much more money than i had with me at the time.
i seriously thought about stealing it.
but the thing was massive and i knew i could not just slip it in my jacket pocket. :)
but i was able to find some of the photos from the issue online so i hope you enjoy them as much as i have and still am.
the cover.

i wanted these sunglasses so much.

aww, my little sister just made me a toasted cheese sandwich that i have been craving all morning. i have been having a really hard time lately so she made me one.
my sister never does things that for me.
that made me smile.

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Jantine said...

Amazing photography! ;)