Tuesday, June 9, 2009

either got it, or you don't.

been painting today.
just experimenting with different mediums.
i applied for a bunch of jobs yesterday and hopefully i will get one.
it is funny but i kind of want to work at a restaurant.
out of all the places i applied, the restaurants seemed the most fun.
i don't know though.
we will see.
i hate self-centered people.
they irritate me to no end.
having chelsey over for the night then going to aaron's to watch a scary movie.
i think i might make her watch waking ned devine later.
great movie.
picture: me
keep daydreaming. :)


A little Princess said...

Hope you hear back from your applications! It'd be fab working in a restaurant xoxo

ONiC said...

thats inspiring :D pola-painted.

alexandra jane said...

haha thanks both of you. :)

alexandra jane said...
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