Saturday, June 13, 2009

you taste like strawberry weed.

sometimes i wonder that if birds can fly anywhere, why do they always choose to land on powerlines?
if i were a bird, i would fly the whole world over, exploring everything.
it is the weekend and i have nothing to do.
i thought about drawing or writing but i cannot bring myself to do it.
my friend chelsey has moved away to wyoming.
that state is the most boring, lifeless place in the country, besides idaho.
there is nothing there but brush.
i suppose yellowstone is worth it, but that is only a small part up in the corner of the state.
but i will miss her.
we had some good times.
we've known each other since third grade.
quite a long time.
listening to strawberry weed by caesars, someday by the strokes, come on closer by jem, keep your head by the ting tings, and dirty laundry by bittersweet.


A little Princess said...

Bonjour, it's looks like you've had a busy week! Fucking video games totally suck, what's the point. Also, it's kinda sad when people leave, but it really makes the time do spend with one another so great xoxo

alexandra jane said...

i agree ENTIRELY. :)