Sunday, June 7, 2009

as the water fell before us.

oh dear, it has a been a wild weekend so far.
yesterday i went with my friends on a long and difficult hike into the unitah mountains near where i live.
it took us around three hours to figure our way to the waterfall which was our destination.
it was so tiring because i was the only one out of my seven friends who was not in shape.
they all pretty much wanted to run up the mountain while i was huffing and puffing to keep up.
but i give myself credit because i did it.
after the hike we all went swimming at a local pool to cool ourselves down while soaking it up in a hot tub to keep our muscles relaxed.
when we had relaxed for a bit we decided to play "keep away" with a football one of the guys had brought.
it was the four guys against the four girls.
one of my best friends jake was getting really competitive and pretty much attacked me when i had the football.
he wrapped his legs around mine and flipped me upside down in the water in order to get the ball from me.
and let me tell you, it worked.
he got the ball and left me with a sprained knee.
haha he had no idea he had hurt me or i know he would have helped me.
now i hate asking people for help so i just pretended i wasn't hurt.
i hung out with my friends for eight more hours trying not to limp much.
it was midnight when i could not take it anymore so i went home.
i slept in until 2:30 in the afternoon today because i was so tired and aching.
but, despite the hurtful workouts i endured all day yesterday, i had so much fun. haha
i really did.
me and my friend chelsey took most of our clothes off and dunked ourselves in the waterfall which felt like ten degrees.
we were laughing so hard and all the guys and other two girls were taking so many pictures and laughing at us.
well, that is really all i have energy for at the moment. haha
have a great day. :)


Indie.Tea said...

I always feel breathless too, after climbing up stairs usually.
Also, I just wanted to add that I like the song on your blog, the one by the Shiny Toy Guns.

A little Princess said...

Hello lovely! I checked out your fb pictures and it really looks like you had an awesome time. The waterfall was huge! Have a lovely week xoxo

alexandra jane said...

haha thanks patricia! :) yeah it was fun, i am going to upload some of those pics soon. and thank you indie tea. i love the song too :)