Friday, June 12, 2009

i just need to cry. let the tears fall and then i die.

my friend chelsey came over and took some pictures of me.
then i edited them on my computer.
how pitiful is this picture:
getting grounded and spending the whole day playing a video game because you aren't aloud to do anything else.
being grounded at eighteen is depressing. sigh.
and not only that, but i don't even play video games.
just goes to tell you how desperate i was to find something that would keep me occupied til the day was done.
and let me tell you, the day went by so fast when i was killing people with a controller.
is this what most boys and some girls live like?
playing video games like halo, wowc, ect. until their whole lives are gone and flashing before their eyes?
this is the climax of their lives where they can make something of themselves, and they are all off missing it because of a fucking video game.
my generation is falling prey to the digital world.
people, get a life.

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