Saturday, June 20, 2009

it is okay to be a little altruistic sometimes.

just got back from chelsey's about an hour and a half ago.
the guys came over to her house last night too.
we watched the 1979 version of the changling and ate pizza and popcorn.
it was 1 in the morning and we tried playing football outside but seeing as it was near impossible to see because it so dark (you couldn't even see the stars behind the clouds) we had to stop playing.
i threw the ball at perlita at one point and she couldn't see where in the air it was so it slammed into her face and bent her glasses.
i felt so bad but on the other hand we all thought it was hilarious.
but that was when we quit throwing it around.
we played a bunch of little kid's night games until around three and then the boys left.
us girls stayed up the rest of the night and into the morning until we finally fell asleep at 7 in the morning.
well, perlita ended up passing out by like 3:30-4 but me and chelsey were having a riot all night.
we snuck out at 5 to scare our friend merissa at her house early in the morning.
we tapped on her window like crazy.
it gave her quite a scare.
although me and chelsey could not stop laughing so she knew it was us.
i haven't laughed so hard in my life.
and i really needed that.
i just needed to forget about the world and its problems for one night and just enjoy friends and the simple things that really mattered.
i am so exhausted though.
but you can't blame me right?
tonight i am going to go pick chelsey up and we are headed to jake's for a bonfire.
it is raining so fucking hard though so i hope it lets up.
and guess what??????????????
i am sorry but i have to tell you, i am so excited.
before highschool ended, my art teacher had informed me that i qualified for the majoring medal in art for the whole school.
i put in an application for it but later found out from the principal that i would probably not be able to recieve it since i was not graduating with the rest of my class.
i was really depressed of course when i heard this.
but today, in the mail, in a big yellow envelope, was my medal and a certificate.
they allowed me to be given the art major medal even though i am not graduating til july.
i nearly started to cry.
you don't know how much work and stuff you have to do to qualify for this honor.
i feel so happy about it.
sorry, i just had to tell you all that. :)

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