Monday, June 15, 2009

with red gloves, it has to be on.

okay, this is the weirdest editorial i think i have ever seen.
not because of what they are doing or anything, but because of who is in it:
bruce willis and his new wife emma.
i always thought bruce could not act, but i always thought him as a charming man.
but i never in a million years thought i wuold see him doing something like this.
it is just so strange.
the guy has kids.
i don't think i would ever want my kids seeing my new step mother half naked, even if her body is rockin.
and i never pictured a honeymoon like this. haha
but, i have to admit, i am in love with these pictures.
it was for a W magazine photoshoot called "honeymoon hotel."

this one is my favorite.

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